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We made it home after an exciting and wonderful cruise to the Hawaiian Islands! I have had this idea rolling around in my head for a while now, not sure how it will be received; but I'm going forward! It is quite a deviation from what I have previously done. This is a piece that may invoke criticism or praise depending on how you preceive it. It will be called "Behold, When I Knock......" I am not a preacher, but am not ashamed to be a Christian either. I am trying something very different here as I explore and try to expand my capabilities as an artist. I have no visual "set-up" and this piece is a composite of several different images I have seen in the past. This sketch is a basic image of a simple old door that I will try to bring to life with detail, color, shadows, and glazing. I will keep a running post of how I proceed. I hope you will enjoy the process as I go along!



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