Gary Cheatham Art - Artist / G C A Originals

" Nighthawk"

This is a wide view of how I set up my pieces in the studio, trying to get the right lighting and angles of how I want the final work to look.

As before, I try to draw in details and how I want the piece to look.



Black backgrounds can sometimes be tricky, so I blocked it in before I started.


I begin laying in some basic colors.


As I move around the canvas, I add different shades and colors and begin to add details.

I am mainly interested in blocking in more color and shading at this point, but also begin to add details.

Here I want to determine what color/shade to paint the table. I try to vary how each item in the set up looks when painting to complement colors, shades and shadows. Lighting is always important.

This is where it can be time comsuming and somewhat tedious with detail, shadows and making the colors "pop".

The finished piece, very close to the original photo.

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