Gary Cheatham Art - Artist / G C A Originals

"Texas Ranger"

Photo for my set up for this piece, looking for more of a close-up view than some previous ones.

Starting my sketch, laying in shapes and positioning.

Decided to change up proportion on the rifle barrel, after adding in spurs and wrist cuffs.

Final sketch with all pieces and in detail.

I usually try to start adding background colors first.

Laying in basic colors.

Adding in a few more basic color and a starting to add a few details.

Adding more detail for the hatband, rifle stock and cuffs.

Laying colors for the stripe on the saddle blanket.

Today my focus was to add color and basic detail for the spur straps.

Blocked inĀ  the red and grey stripes and added more detail to cuffs, spur straps and hatband.

Started to add color to the rifle, spurs and more overall detail.

Here I have tried to show more detail to everything throughout the piece. Also added some basic shadows.

Working with light and dark and adding shadows by glazing, I have finished all my details and calling this one complete! Thanks for coming along for the ride on "Texas Ranger".

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