My Process – Explore the Progression from Idea to Finished Piece

The following are process photos with descriptions of various pieces I have completed. I hope you enjoy watching the slideshow progressions and learning a little about my technique.

“Texas Ranger”

Photo for my set up for this piece, looking for more of a close-up view than some previous ones.

Starting my sketch, laying in shapes and positioning.

Decided to change up proportion on the rifle barrel, after adding in spurs and wrist cuffs.

Final sketch with all pieces and in detail.

I usually try to start adding background colors first.

Laying in basic colors.

Adding in a few more basic colors and a starting to add a few details.

Adding more detail for the hatband, rifle stock and cuffs.

Laying colors for the stripe on the saddle blanket.

Today my focus was to add color and basic detail for the spur straps.

Blocked in the red and grey stripes and added more detail to cuffs, spur straps and hatband.

Started to add color to the rifle, spurs and more overall detail.

Here I have tried to show more detail to everything throughout the piece. Also added some basic shadows.

Working with light and dark and adding shadows by glazing, I have finished all my details and calling this one complete! Thanks for coming along for the ride on “Texas Ranger”.

“One of the Good Guys”

This was how I envisioned the set-up and the look I was trying to bring to the canvas.

Here I have the detailed drawing and look I want for this one.

There were many steps as I started to block in some color and a few details.

I am adding blocks of color and bringing out more detail as I move around the canvas.

Making leather look real is something that takes time and patience.

Each layer adds contrast and more detail.

The finished product! Many hours spent getting to the point where I am satisfied. This is what I wanted!

“Behold When I Knock”

Initial pencil sketch.

Blocking in color and a few details.

Adding some additional color and shapes..

A few more details.

Have blocked in basic colors and enhanced shapes, shadows and more detail.

 Giving the piece some definition and character!

 More detail, definition and shadows.

 Final touches and glazing!

Calling this one done! Still on the easel for drying for a couple of weeks.


This is a wide view of how I set up my pieces in the studio, trying to get the right lighting and angles of how I want the final work to look.

As before, I try to draw in details and how I want the piece to look.

Black backgrounds can sometimes be tricky, so I blocked it in before I started.

I begin laying in some basic colors.

As I move around the canvas, I add different shades and colors and begin to add details.

I am mainly interested in blocking in more color and shading at this point, but also begin to add details.

 Here I want to determine what color/shade to paint the table. I try to vary how each item in the set up looks when painting to complement colors, shades and shadows. Lighting is always important.

This is where it can be time consuming and somewhat tedious with detail, shadows and making the colors “pop”.
The finished piece, very close to the original photo.

“La Casa de Heidra” (House of Ivy)

“La Puerta de Flores”